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2012 Next Wave Award Winners

The awards have been announced and without further ado, here are the winners of the 3 $1000 cash visual arts awards, and the $500 cash time arts award.

Daniel Rosen – $1000 cash award

Not Faint Canaries but Abrosial – Colored pencil on printmaking paper, mounted on birch panel


I am fascinated by how we learn about and conceptualize our history. I am enamored with the anachronistic and the ambiguous, and in love with the aesthetic of the “old timey.” I am enchanted by the process by which the actual, factual narratives of human life of times long past transmute into mythology and intermingle in our heads.

In more recent bodies of work, rather than just re-present the past, I re-engage it, and adopt and adapt elements from throughout history to construct images which confuse space, place, and time. All of these components combine into highly obsessive, intricate, and insanely ornamented compositions which blur the lines between fact and fiction, old and new, allowing viewers to piece together stories and narratives of their own. Portraiture is the primary vehicle as no matter the mode of communication, human beings are the story tellers, prophets, and raconteurs. We are the time machines.


Jeff Kolak – $1000 cash award



To have an image look into you, as much as you look into it, is my goal as I create an image. I want you to lock eyes with the character in the piece and feel what it is he or she may be feeling and create a story, a world even, in your mind. There is a goal to keep a person looking. Good characters in a piece draw a viewer in, as does an incredible amount of detail and design.




Peter Staples – $1000 cash award

The Other Things – Woodcut print

theotherthingsI work primarily in frenzied ballpoint pen drawings and wood relief prints. I use my artwork as an emotional and existential purge. My favorite subject is the male body. Themes I dwell on in my work include struggle, terror, depression, survival, The Hero’s Journey, control, helplessness, reality, simulacra and simulation, illusion, distortion, deformity, mind-body interactions, crystal structure, the collective unconscious, and self-actualization.



Pardis Parker – $500 cash award

Afghan – film


Pardis Parker is an award-winning director, writer, actor, and comedian.

A six-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and a finalist for Canada’s Next Top Comic and Bite TV’s Stand Up and Bite Me, he recently won British star David Baddiel’s international stand-up competition and previously became the first Canadian ever to book the CBS Diversity Showcase.

His films and music videos, including The Dance, Afghan, and Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns, have screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide and received over 80 awards and nominations. He has received multiple Best Actor nominations for his work in The Dance and Afghan, and has appeared in television and film on both sides of the border, including Combat Hospital on ABC, Little Mosque on the Prairie on CBC, Single White Spenny and Moderation Town on Showcase, Really Me on The Family Channel, and indie drama Snow.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he’s a regular performer at the Hollywood Improv, Hollywood Laugh Factory, and World Famous Comedy Store.

A regular blogger, you can read words that he types at www.pardisparker.com.

Tonight at the Next Wave Art Salon

Come tonight to to support your local arts scene and enjoy some excellent performances and films! We have the most eclectic line-up yet this year, so come watch today’s films, musicians and performers show their work and compete for a $500 time arts award!

Friday Night

6:30 Charlie Rantz Acoustic alt/country/blues/rock
7:15 The Dance Short Film by Pardis Parker
7:45 Eastern Groove and Friends Belly Dancing
8:30 Illusion Of Safety Electronic Music
9:00 List of Demands Short dance film by Jillian Endebrock
9:15 The Moses Gun Rock music

Saturday Night

4:00 Jasmin Short Dance Film by Jillian Endebrock
4:20 Rogelio Pena Acoustic Music
4:45 Zehn Documentary Trailer and Discussion by David Olinger
5:15 Osmin Latin, classical Jazz & mexican folk music
5:45 Martina Knizka Spoken Word
6:00 Afghan A Short Film by Pardis Parker
6:45 Phoenix Rising Chicago Multimedia Dance Performance
7:30 THAR: Triol High Affinity Receptors Experimental dance film by Brittany L Brown
7:45 Serafina al Shillah Belly Dancing
8:15 Train Party Short Film by Ashley Patrick
8:45 Mat Lombardi and Dustin Johnson Improvised Ambient Noise
9:30 Awards Announcement



Submissions are Open!

The salon is happening!  These are two nights you don’t want to miss.  Tell your friends and spread the word! Come for the art and conversation with painters, sculptors, knitters, photographers, fire performers, filmmakers, musicians, and dancers all under one roof for 2 nights only. This is a unique 2 day art event showcasing up-and-coming artists with innovative approaches to their art and is open to artists of all ages and genres. Enjoy, discuss, buy art, make contacts, meander, muse, or just get inspired by the incredible experience.

Submissions will soon be open!

It’s time again to start getting the word out to artists and patrons, the art salon is back for another awesome year!  We’re almost ready redesigning the submission process, and will open up registrations soon!  If you registered last year, we will send you an email and let you know when.  If you’re new to the salon, check back here or sign up on our mailing list.  Looking forward to another great event.  We have a lot more in store for the artists so stay tuned!

2011 Award Winners

We hope you had as good of a time as we did last year, and are looking forward to the next salon!  Spread the word about what you experienced. Creative and vibrant art communities can evolve from the friendships that you make, and we all need a stronger creative community more than ever.

The 3 2011 Visual Arts award winners were:

$1,000 - Keelan McMorrow for "Fear and Autonomy" - http://www.keelanmcmorrow.com 
$1,000 - Joseph Gagnepain for "War Horse" - http://www.artbyjoseph.com
$1,000 - Caroline Keem for "Lonelier than God" - http://bodyofcaroline.com

The $500 award for Time arts (performance, film, media) was sponsored by the Downtown Neighborhood Association:

$500 –  Born Ready Films for “Too Soon?”: www.bornreadyfilms.com
To view all the artists from 2011, visit the 2011 archives at http://www.thenextwave.me/2011
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