2013 Salon Award Winners


Zachary Williams for his painting “After Dark”. Here’s a time lapse video of him making it.

Karl Jahnke for his painting “Portrait of an Angler Fish

Ahyeon Kim for her painting “Writing in Progress”

Best Comedy award goes to Separate Checks

Best Dance award goes to Innervation Dance Cooperative

Best Music award goes to Oceans and Oceans

Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for coming out and making the event possible this year (and for your generous donations towards the costs this year). I think we proved this event provides something valuable to the community and needs to continue and grow.

2 comments on “2013 Salon Award Winners

  1. Jeff Allison on said:

    “After Dark” was one of my picks…an awesome picture, enjoyed even more after artist explained his thoughts and reminded me what the flying toasters were. Anyone remember them??

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