Agnieszka Kukawska


AgaArt – Agnieszka Kukawska – born in Poland. graduated from Art School and worked as a teacher in her home country for 10 years. Currently living in South Bend, Indiana and teaching abstract art at Perley Fine Arts Academy. Successfully presented her works at art Shows in Nappanee, South Bend, Chicago. Developed her own creative and unique style of painting with acrylic paints. Keen photographer.
AgaArt-observing (her original) Forms of Integration by Randy Sabatelli, NY writer.
“This Lyrical, Abstract, Expressive art adds further rare, difficult high ambition; Essence, Clarity. These are Meditations of Possibility -in line, form, color and composition. A unique Design Aesthetic – layers of depth, density, balance, detail; her impossible Precision, never sacrificed, the creative engine. This bold Clarity allows and creates a powerful highly original, extraordinary,elusive and singular, vibrant effect- of the Expansive, Spacious, Continuous in each work, even, beyond the frame. The results- staggering in range, variation, Possibility. Often, a Ballet of Color, Gesture, Movement- intricate layers, arcs of color, form, light…”

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  1. Tadhg Mac Carthaigh on said:

    She has transcended place, and developed a multifaceted expression of who she is in Spirit, in forms undeniably unique to who she is, as an ever evolving Artist.We may write eloquently about it.The experience simply and delightfully transforms.

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