Andrew Zirk


Although the evolution of humanity is mostly described by the historical events of a few great men or through the advancements in technology, an incomparable description can be found through the deciphering of the progression of the fine arts. Knowingly or unknowingly, an artist not only reveals the essence of the subject matter or views of him or herself, but reflects the society which comprises the creator. Through photorealism and hyperrealism, my drawings and paintings are able to contribute my voice to the dialogue of the fine arts and, ultimately, to the consciousness of the time period. Focusing on figurative aspects, my artwork becomes synthesized discussions on the individual’s experience and spiritual, yet difficult, journey for bliss through truth and self-discovery; it is a challenge to the widely accepted contemporary views on the nature of reality and self-existence. By attempting to identify and transcend the various veils of illusion with realistic representations, my artwork philosophically and psychologically speaks to the progression of the evolution of humanity.

-Andrew Zirk

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  1. Lindsey Wiseman on said:

    Andy! So glad you are in the show!

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