Carmina Cortes


Carmina Cortes was born and raised in southern California. At a young age, she suffered a fall and herniated three discs in the lower lumbar area, which lead to a series of operations and treatments. In 2002, she suffered an irreversible injury that left her with two herniated discs in the cervical area. As a result of this injury, she suffered depression and sadness due to her physical state. This same sadness brought forward the artist who is now recognized in the Los Angeles area as well as the Chicago area. Her depression led to an abundance of paintings expressing hope.

Her passion for her Mexican heritage drives her to create bright colorful pieces that remind her of her childhood summers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Most of her new pieces are mix media surrealism with a strong resembles to 20th Century Mexican art, which she has grown to admire. She strives to create a positive connection for the Latino community especially within her young Latino students today. Carmina is a member of the renowned Pintoras Mexicanas and has exhibited with them throughout Chicago, Indiana and Mexico. Her newest venture is the launch of Latina Art League, a group of Latina artists dedicated to empowering and education through the arts.

She holds a degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Fine Arts. She holds a degree from Art Instructional Schools as well as Santa Monica College. In 2012 she won the award Mujer Destacada in the area of the arts from the respectable newspaper La Raza.

-Carmina Cortes

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