Chad Allen

Chicago based colorblind artist Chad Allen was born deep in the east side of Waterloo, Iowa during the sweaty summer of 1980. His inherent love for the arts branches from his great-uncle who cartooned for the Saturday Evening Post and a grandfather renowned for storytelling and folk art. He has embraced his genetic predisposition for an unbalanced creative mind by fashioning himself into a photographer, cartoonist, muralist, found object assemblyman, carpenter of reclaimed scrap, Patrick Swayze style ceramicist and coffee drinker.

I create stark contrasting Chicago scenes by manipulating the basic geometric constructions of my favorite manmade structures in thick lines of black on white with pops of primary colors. All of which is obligatory artist bullshit explaining my use of a cartoony style in an attempt to remind viewers not to take life too seriously and enjoy the world’s greatest city.

My abstract architectural renderings have led to exhibits throughout Chicago in storefront windows, coffee shops, chiropractic clinics, movie theaters, restaurants, living rooms, port-o-potties, dining rooms and the occasional gallery. I am currently shopping my work around for as many exhibitions as possible in as many locations as possible to push my colorblind agenda onto the masses.

-Chad Allen

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