Charles Smith


I was born in Shaw Mississippi, and raised in Chicago Illinois on Englewood South Side. My love for art like most artists began at an early age. My father spoke of a time when I was a little boy about three or four, playing on the floor with paints and paper creating my own style of art. My mother thought I was making a mess while my father said “he will be a great artist one day.” Today I am more focus on making masks in digital form and 3-D. I have created over16 new masks in 3-D form and over 20 in digital form. Dan Parker’s class African Art at Chicago State inspired me to make masks. I was influenced and studied multiple African cultures and developed visual hybrids of these cultures combining features from multiple cultures that tie in with my new stories of folklore with my masks. The Yellow Mask and The Limboda The Living Seed are my two favorites.

-charles Smith

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