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chris BLOCK  terra incognita (2007)


“Photography is subjective. Photography is commentary. Photography says more about the photographer than the subject of the photographer. The world Ansel Adams captured does not exist. It could not exist outside the careful preparation, instinctual certainty and darkroom virtuosity of the man behind the lens. The photographer seeks perfection from the chaos of nature – patterns from complexity – complexity from the commonplace. The world is not black & white. The world is not color. It is only the world as you see it.”

Chris has been active in the Chicago area music and art scene since the mid-80’s having been a seminal member of Cheer-Accident, Dot Dot Dot, No Apology, Asa Nisi, Illusion Of Safety as well as a supportive member of Star Period Star, Fifteen Minutes, and Jef Bek. He has released a number of solo projects – most recently in collaboration with Thymme Jones under the banner of Pox. He has had a life-long interest in graphic arts, film and photography, participated in multiple Around The Coyote Festivals and has devoted a good deal of his spare time to the preservation of wildlife in conjunction with Valley Of The Kings – a non-profit sanctuary primarily devoted to the rescue of big cats and other exotics. His other interests include Egyptian history, astronomy, cosmology and hiking.


“I began my serious pursuit of photography with the purchase of my first Nikon EM in my late teens. Although self-taught, I have found my greatest inspiration in the varied works of iconic photographers such as Eliot Porter, Ansel Adams and Andy Goldsworthy as well as the great cinematic and often surrealist landscapes of Orson Welles, Federico Fellini, Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanley Kubrick to name but a few. While I would not describe myself as specializing in one genre as opposed to another – I do have a strong attraction to both texture and color.”


In late 2007, through the medium of Photoshop and the odd digital brushstroke, Chris began constructing surrealist landscapes from his own extensive photo archive. This process continues to the present day and is represented by the two recent works submitted here:

The Runner Stumbles (2013)

“Although two dimensional, I really visualize this piece as a virtual textile – as evidenced by the loose ‘threads’ around the borders. Some of the components of this montage include a captured screen shot from a late night television program, the saucer-like ceiling of a local mall and one of my favorite subjects – dense layers of chipped paint. One of the most common questions I am asked while capturing images is “what do you see?” This occurs most frequently when my lens is pointed away from the obvious subject or more often than not directed downward. While the question remains open, in the end it’s not so much what I see but what the viewer perceives.”

Flight (2013)

“Layers upon layers – some aloft, some distant. Organic, man-made. The instruments of flight – and flight itself. Evolution, degradation and rebirth.”


“…my goal is to share my own visual perspective and experience through photographic imagery that is at times both direct and seemingly inaccessible – to create through juxtaposition and composition scenes and landscapes that tell far more than the sum of their parts – and in completion may even reveal more than i had ever anticipated…”


For a broad overview of Chris and his work, please visit


For an online archive of nearly 1000 images, please visit


“This is so very cool on so many levels. Really original and well seen. The image is both strong and subtle… a most intriguing and well considered composition and design… well done!” – Stephen Phillips, San Francisco USA

“Interesting composition, with each element telling a different story… looks like the end of the world. Nice work. Splendid job.” -“Observing”, West Cheshire, UK

“You have a wonderful gallery and this image is no exception… great detail and
colors.” -Ana Lúcia Martins, Leiria, Portugal

“Nice and creative!! Like a modern art painting..” -Evelyne Dubos, Le Mans, France

“This is absolutely perfect. I love the geometry, the contrast and the great great great natural lightning. BRAVO!!!” -M. Isabel, Lima, Peru

“Great colours and composition, nice work.” -Rhys Baker, Darlington, UK

“Very dramatic… you did great work on this one…” -Pedro Alexandre, Loures, Portugal

“Gorgeous!!” -Arash, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Very nicely captured, you have a superb eye!” -Dark Elf, Perth, Australia

“Excellent photo & perspective. Very good effect.” -Zecarlos, Lisboa, Portugal

“An excellent crisp composition. Very pleasing!” -Michael Skorulski, Cigel, Hong Kong

“Daring to be different !! Love it . . great idea and beautifully effected.” -Ronnie 2¢, London, UK

“This is quite extraordinary! I keep coming back for another look.” -Helen, Melbourne, Australia

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-chris block

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