Christina Matayka


Christy Matayka is a young and vibrant artist from Elgin, a suburb of Chicago. From a young age, she has worked to cultivate and grow her passion for the arts, as well as infect others with her fire. Her lust for information and longing for change is contagious. Whether it gently moves around you or assaults you in a moment, her work speaks volumes about possibilities.

Currently, Christy is attending Elgin Community College with hopes to move on to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2014 to attain a BFA in Graphic Design. Christy uses a variety of materials to address often uncomfortable topics from a surrealistic perspective. She thrives on contrast and color, but loves to work in black and white as well. Christy specializes in mixed media, but also works with charcoal, oil, and acrylic.

Christy would like to thank her father, for his love, support and encouragement, Barbara Bernard and Liz Gardner for helping her realize the true extent of her artistic potential, Tim Solarz (Spacetaste Gallery) for helping her to establish her professional path, Tiffany for her beauty and inspiration, and Bill and friends for helping her back up and pushing her through.

-Christina Matayka

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