Christina Warzecha


There are not standardized tests that obligate humans to truly experience and appreciate the world in which they live. Our eyes scan quickly over trees without observing the thousands of leaves they contain. When purchasing an item, seldom is there given any thought to how or where the commodity was created. Working with clay allows me to reveal how I see the world, in pieces, rather than the whole that is so often taken for granted. It is this duality between the individual and the entirety that I try to reflect in my studio practice, where my planning and preparations are offset by accidental and incidental occurrences of the clay process. My challenge is to create art that is a balance of skill, intellect, and intuition.
By using extruded and slab-built earthenware and stoneware, my intention is to discover ways for multiple clay pieces to interact together in a cohesive manner, but in a way that leaves each individual piece visible. With clay as my vehicle, I can create work that cannot be viewed as a whole without being aware of its components. I do not wish to cover up the structure of the piece because to me that is its true form. It is the core of anything that gives it its foundation, its integrity and its individuality, and rarely is the time taken to get to the backbone, the essence, of the people we meet or the items we encounter each day.

-Christina Warzecha

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