Cynthia Rohr


I’m a “young” 32 year old girl. I currently live in Elgin with my husband and 3 year old daughter. I’m unorganized, lazy, shy, and as right brained as they get. All the characteristics of an arty fartsy human being. I graduated from Judson College in Elgin, with a degree in elementary education with art concentration. I took an oil painting class in college because it was required. I passed the class with a C, but took a liking to painting.

A few years ago my church, Harvest Bible Chapel, was looking for visual art to display for Good Friday. I decided to paint a picture of a cross for them. The whole process gave me such joy, I decided that I needed to make painting a bigger part of my life. I currently selling my art online at I’m also trying arts and craft shows, including the Art and Soul on the Fox in August.

Themes that I like to paint about include Chicago, Patriotism, and Christianity. I’m known for using bright colors. My style’s a little on the cartoony side. I’m not good at portraits, landscapes, or still lifes. I like to think my art is fun, colorful, and contemporary. I give the Lord all the credit for my art. It’s Him that has given me this talent and desire to create. I don’t claim to have much know-how, myself. I’m just doing what I am able to do.

-Cynthia Rohr

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  1. Stephen Le Jeune on said:

    Chicago style hot dogs are “THE BEST”.

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