Daniel Rosen


I am fascinated by how we learn about and conceptualize our history. I am enamored with the anachronistic and the ambiguous, and in love with the aesthetic of the “old timey.” I am enchanted by the process by which the actual, factual narratives of human life of times long past transmute into mythology and intermingle in our heads.

In more recent bodies of work, rather than just re-present the past, I re-engage it, and adopt and adapt elements from throughout history to construct images which confuse space, place, and time. All of these components combine into highly obsessive, intricate, and insanely ornamented compositions which blur the lines between fact and fiction, old and new, allowing viewers to piece together stories and narratives of their own. Portraiture is the primary vehicle as no matter the mode of communication, human beings are the story tellers, prophets, and raconteurs. We are the time machines.

I am a high school art teacher by day and most of the night and an artist by what’s left of the night. See more of my work at www.facebook.com/danrosenart and/or www.danrosenart.com

-Daniel Rosen

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