David Bergquist


As children we are born with a sense of wonder. It is said that by the third grade we lose that sense of wonder and simply accept, and even submit, to the barrage of images set before us every day. We become bored. Television, bill boards, posters, store windows, magazine ads, movies, video games, the internet; everywhere we turn there are images. These images satisfy our boredom because we identify with the images. We need these images because we become these images. They are our identity. They are what make us “real.” In the end we realize these images for what they are; temporary and meaningless. Reality and our identity have become distorted.

My goal with visual art is to explore the eternal, which is before us, but which also needs to be seen. There is evidence of something more that binds reality together and gives us our identity. Behind the busyness and what appears to be chaos there is an order. Evidence of this order appears to be everywhere in creation. One simple example would be the Fibonacci sequence found in the growth of plants. I see evidence of this order when I draw. When I draw, I am forced to look at, study with a sense of wonder, and identify with the subject. The subject then becomes “more real” to me.

-David Bergquist

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