Deborah Podvalny


I am a very out going person, who enjoys keeping active and living a healthy lifestyle. I’m a figure skater, and enjoy teaching skating to anyone who wants to learn. I earn a living as a visual stylist, which is the person who makes the store space look beautiful by dressing the mannequins, and widows.
I love fashion, and interiors.

As far as my mixed media art goes, I love color and mixing texture together, so I have come up with collages that show case different materials. I have used handmade paper, buttons which I have collected all over the world, and glass pieces, ribbon, stones, old pieces of maps from Rome. I would consider some of my work as whimsical.

I hope you enjoy the two pieces that I will be showing. I have many more, so it was a hard decision to only pick two.

-Deborah Podvalny

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