When is the salon happening?

Friday September 6th from 6pm-10pm, and Saturday September 7th from 4pm-10pm.

Where is it located?

166 Symphony Way, Elgin, IL (the same location as previous years)

What’s this again?

The Next Wave Art Salon is an exciting two-day event that brings together Chicago-area artists of different backgrounds and mediums in a found-space in downtown Elgin, IL.  We’ll have painters, sculptors, knitters, photographers, fire performers, actors, filmmakers, writers, and dancers all under one roof, showing their stuff and doing their thing. The salon is designed to attract up-and-coming artists with innovative approaches to their art form and is open to artists of all ages and genres.

How much does it cost?

The event is free.  Please consider donating what you can to help keep the event alive!

Is there anything to eat/drink/do in the area?

Here’s a nifty Downtown map! There are restaurants, pubs, lounges, bars, taquerías, a casino, cafes, and a pretty river.  For directions, here’s a Google map of some of the stuff nearby. 


How will it work?

Artists will be given wall or floor space to exhibit 2 pieces of their work.  Limited time slots are obtainable for performance (stage available), film/video, and dance/performance artists (stage available).  On Saturday night, three $1,000 cash awards will be given out for the best artwork, and possibly more.

If this sounds good to you, Sign up now and start working on your stuff!

Is there an entrance fee?

No, it’s free to participate.

When is the final day to sign up?

For performance or film/video, the final day to sign up is Sunday August 26th.  Films must be mailed or drop off to Flik Productions @ 164 Division St. Suite 111, Elgin IL 60120 by Sunday at the latest.


I hit the “Submit” button, but how do I know if I’m signed up?

If you signed up successfully, you would have received the confirmation page and an email.  If you tried to upload a very large image, it can timeout.  Also, if you’re writing in the window for a long time, most web servers will time you out after 10+ minutes and you will probably have to submit again.  If you will be taking a long time to write, its best to write your description in an email and then copy/paste it into the form.

How can I help?

We are entirely run through donations and are cutting it pretty barebones this year.  If you can donate any amount, please do!  Also please help us to reach more artists by forwarding this information to friends, arts-related businesses and organizations who may also like to participate.

Do I get a whole 10′ x 10′ area of wall space to show as many pieces of art I can fit?

No, it goes like this:  You are allowed two pieces of art.  Your two pieces of art shouldn’t be gigantic, because we need room to show everyone else’s art.  We like large work, but keep in mind this is a Salon and wall space is pretty tight.  So, please don’t bring in anything greater than 10 feet long or wide, framed or unframed, because we might have trouble finding a spot for it.

Is there a size requirement?

The two pieces of work you plan to display cannot be bigger than 10’x10′.  For those who have tiny pieces, bear in mind that your work must be visible to the naked eye.  We ask that you provide us with a magnifying glass to hang next to your art if it is smaller than 1″.

Can I show my 3-part piece of art if they’re on three different frames?

As long as it’s obviously one piece, there’s no problem with having your piece displayed in pieces.

When do you need the title/price/media descriptions for the placards?

When you drop off your work, we’ll collect the information then.

Will there be surfaces available to display 3D work?

There will be limited space and stands available for 3D/sculpture work on a first come, first served basis.  If you have a large sculpture that requires special mounting or rafter hanging, please use the form below to make arrangements with us far in advance of the drop off date so we can accommodate you.

Do artists have to stay the whole time for both days?

No, the artists don’t have to stay for both days.  Saturday is when the awards will be announced, but both nights are usually very well attended.  If you can only attend one evening and are coming in from out of town, Saturday is best because you can take your work home at the end of the evening.

How many pieces does each artist get to enter?

Artists are allowed to enter 2 pieces of art.  Both will be judged independently, thereby doubling your chance of winning an award.

Do the pieces I submit have to be part of a series / related to each other?

The 2 pieces do not have to be part of a series, or relate to each other in any way.  You are welcome to submit completely unrelated pieces in any combination of mediums.

Does the artwork have to be framed or can it just be matted?

Yes.  Artwork needs to be hangable and mountable to a wall.  Other than that, we encourage you to think outside the box.  It does not have to be framed. If it needs to be hung from the ceiling or you require a special arrangement, please send us a message with the sign-up form on the website containing the dimensions and a description of what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate your creative requirements.

My art is delicate and I don’t trust professionals to hang it.  Can I come and set it up myself?

Absolutely!  Let us know ahead of time so we’re prepared for you to show up.

My painting is still a little wet, can I still drop it off?

If it’s a little tacky, we’ll reluctantly take it, but if it’s still easily smearable, we won’t be able to accept it.

What is the deadline to drop off my artwork?

Please have your work title, size and price ready for checking in your work.  You can drop off your artwork in one of the time windows below.  Hint: Coming on SaturCome early if you can, to ensure you get a premium spot on the wall or floor.

Drop off dates:

Thursday August 29th, 6pm-9pm

Friday August 30st, 6pm-9pm

Saturday August 31st, 12pm-4pm

Sunday  September 1st, 12pm-4pm

When can I pickup my work?

Pickup is either Saturday night after the show, or Sunday 12pm-4pm or Monday 6pm-9pm

Can I sell my work?

Sure, we will have a tag next to your work with a space for the title, price and your contact information/email address.

Will a credit card machine be available if someone wants to buy my work?

Any sale of the art is between you & the buyer and we won’t be involved in the transaction.  Art will have to stay up until the end of the show, so expect to coordinate delivery/pick-up between the buyer and yourself.

Is there a theme this year?

Art for art’s sake.  We want you to bring what is meaningful to you, for whatever reason, and not be constricted by a theme or need to justify your creation.

When can I take my work back after the salon?

Artists can take their work back after 10:30 on Saturday night (at the end of the salon), or come back Sunday 12pm-4pm only.  You may be given the opportunity to exhibit your work at a month long show following the salon.

I want to perform or show a short film.  Is there a time limit?

Yes!  We have a room set aside for video, dance and performance, but time slots are limited.  The slots to fill up early, so contact us with your requirements so we can get you a spot on the schedule. The cut off times for registering for performance August 26th.

What’s the catch?

No evil plan here. We’re a diverse group of visual artists and creative event organizers looking to have fun and create an open platform for the myriad forms of art in the area.

Is there anything to eat/drink/do in the area?

Elgin is a city, and there’s lots of things to check out.  There are restaurants, pubs, historic districts, taquerías, a casino, cafes, nature spaces and a pretty river.  Here’s a map of the downtown area that you can print.  Here’s also a Google map you can use for directions.

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