George John Larson

Junk In The Trunk Blue , 2/14/12 , 48x36 , 000_0007

My art is trying to capture the subliminal ironies and absurdities of events, words,
and things, real or imagined. This is for my need of comprehension, and my need to create
beauty with an alternate reality. To share this is also desired.

“Junk In The Trunk Blue”, 48″x36″

“Junk In The Trunk Blue”, Shows the trunk of my car. In my trunk I have garbage
bags that contain spare cloths, boots, etc.. The first time people see this they get
nervous. One person asked me if I had bodies in there, and I replied , I wish.
Which was met with a nervous laugh.

“My Vanity II”. 48″x36″

“My Vanity II”, is a painting of my vanity. My father was a carpenter and he built the house
I live in. Parts of the house he never finished. He had put in drains coming out of the concrete
slab. But but no walls, no sink. Just a toilet. I made it a finished bath. Even with a shower.
So this vanity represents a type of closure to me.

-George John Larson

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