George Maillard


My name is George. I am lifelong Midwesterner who studied Sociology; Psychology; Social Welfare & Justice in college. In addition to that, I am a self-taught artist. For me, my art is a form of expressive, cathartic release used where my words often otherwise fall short. As a male in American society, I was socialized to repress and withhold my emotions from the world. This, of course, did not stop my feelings from existing, but it did however inhibit my ability and comfort to express myself verbally and openly. My art, at basest core, is simply my unexpressed thoughts and feelings manifested onto paper in an abstract conglomeration of lines, shapes, and value.

My drawings are created using a single, black ballpoint pen, by placing deliberate, delicate lines meticulously atop one another until shapes and depth coalesce into forms. I never smear the ink or use stippling to achieve the desired effect of value (one of the most salient elements in my pieces). Due to the medium used, the technique employed, and attention to detail, most of my drawings take between 100-200 hours to complete. The drawings tend to be of abstract nature, usually with a specific tone/concept/feeling/person in mind, but with the meaning(s) left to the interpretation of each individual viewer– as I prefer people to derive the meanings from them as authentically as possible to gauge my ability to communicate with others abstractly.

As a self-taught artist using common materials and using my art to abstractly communicate with others/express myself, I like to self-classify as a “folk expressionist.”

-George Maillard

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