Ginger Hoesly


When you grow up in cornfields, you tend to let your imagination entertain you more than the environment. This is probably the reason I’ve taken to calling myself a “storyteller”, and why I’ve been both drawing and writing since childhood. I can take people or scenarios, images or ideas, and spout out a sprawling epic moments later. I recently received my BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University, along with a minor in English.

In the vein of writing, I enjoy exploring and playing with media tropes, particularly in visually interpreting them. Pictured here is “The Three Faces of Adam”, which is a trio for the phases of a man’s life and the things that drive that man, boiled down to their simplest parts. It was made entirely digitally, from sketch to finish.

More of my work can be seen at

-Ginger Hoesly

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