Grant Gray


I am a Sewing Machine Restoration Expert specializing in Antique and Vintage machines. Some may not think of it as art, but the clientele I deal with use these objects as display art in their home as well as for sewing.
Attendees will be able to observe my craft of bringing back the beauty of vintage and antique machines as they were from the Victorian Era, and up to the 1960’s. I would like to display some examples of machines that I have restored and include pictures of how they looked before, punctuated by sewing demonstrations on these machines. I would like to invite a few attendees to use them (under very close supervision) as well at this time. I think it would be a good opportunity to expose them to vintage machines as well as their beauty. I believe that a lot of people would enjoy using and sewing with a beautiful piece of art if they only had the chance. I would like to have machines at my station available for purchase as “Antique and Vintage Art Collectibles.”

-Grant Gray

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