A magical space-time invite

Listen,  I want to tell you about a place so interesting, so magical, it can only appear for two days a year before it is shut down again by the space-time police. That’s right, it’s so amazing the laws of space and time are actually broken by the law itself to stop it from happening.  Things happen there that can’t happen elsewhere.  Indescribable, unknowable and delightful things.  I want to tell you more about it but I actually can’t because it’s unknowable and indescribable. Sound’s exciting.

You know what else?  We’ve gone and put your name on the secret guest list, meaning you will be welcomed inside this mystical vortex to participate and witness all manner of cool things.  And before you ask me: Yes, there will probably be unicorns.  All you have to do is show up.

When is it apparating?

Friday September 6th, from 6pm-10pm
Saturday September 7th, from 4pm-10pm


The Haight (same location as previous years)
166 Symphony Way
Elgin, IL

What happens if you show up?

You will see what creative people can do with their powers of determination.  Listen to the crooning and plucking of youth, and witness the bold movements of free spirits.  You will probably have magical and intimate conversations about the nature of art, life, the universe and everything.  Someone will probably use the words “groovy” and “mathematical” in the same sentence.   All completely out of ear-shot of the invisible surveillance drones.

I wish I could tell you more but really the Space-Time Agency is listening to everything we say.  All I can say is most people have a really good time.  So, you should come.




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