Jeffree Hansen


My name is Jeffree Hansen and I’m a Chicago land area artist thats a self taught expressionistic painter and I really enjoy it,
but I have been creating things all my life.
I like painting acrylic contemporary modern abstracts, and painting whatever comes to me.
It seems as though my intention is to get peoples attention, draw them in and entertain them with color.
I strive to evoke positive emotions in all who view my work as I try to find common ground.
When people view my paintings they can hear the feeling of my spirit.
My paintings seem to have no boundaries, as I tend not to follow any specific lines.
I like to paint from my heart and soul.
Sharing my work with others is what I really enjoy.
One can say my many years of experience have brought me to where I am today.
Thanks for looking.

-Jeffree Hansen

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