Josie Mintz


I am drawn to the extremes of human realism and distorted reality. I am touched by images that display raw humanity or emotional truth, who we are at our very core. I see so much beauty in the diversity displayed in the world around me. Yet I also love the way objects and light create reflections. I’ve always been fascinated by the way water especially, can so beautifully distort what we see as reality. I grew up in a town bordered by rivers and an ocean; and as a child I used to imagine a parallel universe underwater, freer and more fluid than our own. To this day, reflections on the water remind me of a gateway into that secret world of my childhood. So on the one hand, while I am drawn to that which demonstrates the ironic sameness in human diversity; I long for that fantasy world of my childhood, free from the constraints of societal definitions of what it means to be real.

-Josie Mintz

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