Karen Hanrahan


Karen Hanrahan is a self-taught photographer. She uses a point and shoot camera. She described herself for sometime as a closet artist, yet in recent years Karen is “out” of the closet and feels rather artful most of the time! This has her taking way too many photographs! Her work is described as intimate, bold and naive. Many say she has a great eye! Karen is an artist wanna- be, a student of art long ago. Life circumstances got in the way. While always a creative, she never developed an art expression that she could call her own. Her deepest desire is to find a way to bring powerful imagery to others stories – to move their passions forward. She has two areas of expertise: nude self-portraits and narrative photography. Karen tells the best stories with her imagery! Karen’s nudes are journalistic and an unfolding. This work is where she completely fell in love with herself – with the magic of light, line and form. She finds it remarkable that after almost 4 years she can still reap new images from the same model. They say we capture best what is near us. Additionally, Karen finds tremendous joy and curiosity in watching and capturing happenings. This translates often into image tales. Artists, start-up businesses and small non-profits are just some of the folks that utilize her narrative photography services! This expression is how Karen would love to earn her living!! At a juncture and stepping stone time in her life. Karen is unattached to location, a home life or a significant other – this has endless possibilities for her and her work! While viewing Karen’s images if you find yourself curious as to what the story is behind this photograph – She feels successful in her creative expression! From the bottom of her heart she thanks you for looking!

-Karen Hanrahan

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