Katherine McCarthy


I love robots, monsters & colors! I mostly get down with acrylic but don’t mind getting dirty on the streets with some good ol’ fashioned chalk drawings! It’s non-toxic and free publicity as well as a great way to make people smile! For my art I also use sharpie paint pen on a few canvas’s as well as sewing pillows, making hanging mobiles & hand drawing magnets on recycled paper! I’ll do just about any kind of art to keep busy and the creativity flowing. I’m a big fan of Monsters inc. Futurama and any old school cartoon giving me inspiration for my paintings. A few artists such as Dali & Dr. Seuss also helped inspire me in my teens to start painting and creating whenever possible. I just want people to have and enjoy my art in any way shape or form! I do my own paintings of ideas, objects, realism, still life or special requests from customers who enjoy my twist. I love to make things bright and cheery as well as the occasional painting that Glows in the dark!!

-Katherine McCarthy

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