Lauren Szczerski


I have always been fascinated with nature and symbolism. In my work I develop these interests through simple organic forms, surfaces and colors. The use of footed forms assists in symbolically depicting events which have occurred within my own life. Birth, death, happiness, sadness, and culture shock are all concepts represented within my work. Objectively, it is not important if the symbolism is understood by the viewer. What becomes important is the observer’s altered perspective and acquired curiosity. Through the use of the wheel, I intentionally incorporate thrown and altered forms to ultimately create thought provoking narratives. I also utilize matte glazes to enrich their forms and enhance their significance. I consciously add, subtract, slice and alter to create compositions that my mind subconsciously creates a visual meaning to work towards. During the creation process, not knowing the exact final product of each sculpture proves to be exciting and continually challenging. Choosing to work in clay is characteristically a great fit. Due to clay and its uncertainties, and life with its own, my interests form a strong marriage with the medium.

I was traditionally trained at Millikin University and currently hold an artist in resident position at Terra Incognito in Oak Park, IL. There I teach both children and adults and maintain the studio. When I’m not teaching, you can find me producing my own work for future shows.

-Lauren Szczerski

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