Linda Lukachik


As a little girl, I always loved to draw and color. My first interest in art was copying pictures from my grandmother’s Saturday Evening Post magazines. I continued my fascination with art through high school and independently up to the present time. My passion for art has been transferred from my travels to the canvas and from mementoes to portraits.

I have had formal training at the Studio in the Woods, in Wauconda, Illinois, and Main Street Art Centre, in Lake Zurich, Illinois. I have also studied with distinguished artists such as Frankie Johnson, Susan Ploughe, Jim Pollard, Joe Abbrescia, Ted Goerschner, Ted Smuskiewicz, Ron Riddick, Diane Rath, Michael Ireland, and Romel de la Torre.

My approach when creating a painting is to create a memory that lasts forever.

-Linda Lukachik

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