Linda Williams


Vision and Passion. I want to show you what I see – what escapes the notice of others. I am drawn by the dramatic as much as I am by the simplest object.

Recently I have been painting landscapes and flowers. I am inspired by nature, the endless possibilities, colors, the effects of light… I have also started painting portraits. The expressions of the human face intrigue me, always changing – the desires and intention behind someone‚Äôs soulful eyes and what comes from the heart. There is becoming an intensity in my work. An element of emotion coming through. I am looking to capture the essence of the subject.

My special passion is nature macro photography and candid portraits. I take what is ordinary and transcend it into something totally different. I use the photos and incorporate them in my paintings.

I started drawing and painting in oils at a young age. I received my BA in visual communication focusing on design, photography and digital imagery. I have been a graphic designer for quite some time.

My passion and lifelong dream is to be a recognized artist as well as a gallery owner – to give exposure and recognition to other artists. I am making this happen a little every day…

-Linda Williams

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