Lindsey P. Wiseman


I started making art while attending Larkin High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy. During that time, I also attended the Oxbow Art School in Napa, California for a semester. Afterwards, I studied art at Elgin Community College for three years. Then, in 2006 and 2007 I studied traditional painting techniques in Monflanquin, France under master painter Patrick Betaudier. After that, I continued my studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and graduated with a BFA in 2D art in 2012.

I work mainly in oil paint and oil pastel and I focus on a few themes at a time. Right now, I have works based on traditional portraiture and works based on depicting motion and transformation.

In my portrait works, I strive to capture an individual’s likeness as well as their character. At times, I use dramatic or colored lighting to accentuate the mood of the individual. I hope to achieve works that are realistic enough for the viewer to suspend disbelief and to relate to each portrait as though they are actually there.

In my motion and transformation works, my aim is to capture figures in the midst of a transformation. My paintings for this series depict these ideas through the images of figures in mothion. Each painting has one figure that is solid and stable, but travels onward in the painting to various fuzzy uncertain selves. Movement shows who they are and who they will be as they move from present to future. They transform from an old version of themselves into a new one. For this series, the figures in my paintings do not know what they will become, they only know that they are changing and it cannot be stopped.

-Lindsey P. Wiseman

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