Luis Ponce


Hello, my name is Luis Ponce. Art is not part of me nor am I part of it, I think I am art, art is me. It is more than my soul and spirit. It is the magical source that helped me think, live and learn. I have been creating and drawing so long that I don’t remember when I started. It’s like those times when you were a toddler and can’t remember half the things you did back then. I have put work in 2 exhibitions. And taken a few art classes. I have been rejected from competitions of making murals and for just being in a group exhibition that I paid for. That will not stop me from creating. I am currently working in sculptures, paintings, car designs etc. Please look through the work that I have sent you, I have more if you would like to see more. ( ) I feel very confident in this art scene because my style is unique and completely my own. Creating large sculptures and eye attracting paintings is just part of what i do. Thank you for reading and your time, I hope we can talk or meet soon.

-Luis Ponce

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