Luz Elivier Godina


I, Luz Elivier (Del Real) Godina was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where I resides with my family. I studied at the American Academy of Art and achieved my B.F.A. While in school I was an intern at the Aldo Castillo Gallery in Chicago’s River North, under the direction of Aldo Castillo, for 5 years. I am a freelance artist doing commission work and I exhibit my work throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs in Illinois. I hope to exhibit internationally in the near future. My website is

“I have fulfilled one of my life long dreams of becoming an artist. Being an artist has always been the core of my existence. I have encountered the opportunity to express my inner soul, which helps me to re-affirm my true self. Emotions, dreams and spirituality are the main subject matter in my work. My primary goal is to successfully evoke emotions to viewers. My art also expresses life realities such as fear, violence, nightmares and disappointments. My ideas are feelings displayed on canvas, resulting in a merge of reality and dream. I believe that dream and reality co-exist as one, being positive and or negative. Painting puts me in touch with subconscious images that need to be released. My challenge, as an artist, is to live up to the standard of excellence I establish for myself. To meet this challenge, I dedicate my time, energy, heart and soul into one of my greatest passions, art.”

-Luz Elivier Godina

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