Lynda Ortega

I am fascinated by the figure/face as an expression of human condition. I wish to capture the American experience. In the two works represented i endeavor to express the inner world of the aging ‘Queen on a Throne’ in a dialogue with her departed family. On a sunny Spring day she, in the Winter of her life, converses in a verdant garden with her relatives that emerge from the shrubbery . It is an inner dialogue as the figures of Mother &Father young and old, Husband and her self as a child circa 1914
The second portrait is of our digital age. Here is the IT bright, clear headed, confident He is a master of the machine. Science and technology rule. The new aesthetic is the light bulb. He is in cyber space and Nature is outside of his realm.

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  1. Stephanie Boesso on said:

    Beautiful portrait. So happy to see you at The Next Wave!

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