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Born Free, born artist, born Woman, born Mother, born Good-Hearted, born Visionary, born to Love, born to be Loved, born Teacher, born Activist, born Spiritual, born Cardinal, born Creative, born Collaborator, born Creator, born KNOWing. My work is the result of everyday experiences, and thoughts both negative and positive, real and unreal, imaginary, spiritual, unfathomable, futuristic, and sometimes seemingly surreal experiences that provide a door into a consciousness that exceeds universal. The work is about cohesive connectivity, and the goal has always been and always will be to love, produce, and spread peace energy throughout, until…

Artist Statement

Bold colors are my technicians to push the limits of the imagination. Strong lines are my fiery strokes to visually represent the thread that spiritually connects us to one another while simultaneously exploring the human connection with nature. These components unite as a catalyst to heal effects of racism and separatism by displaying the varying hues of the human race often within a single image.

My mission is to pull viewers into a bigger picture, beyond themselves in order to realize our origin. I view my art as a tool with an ultimate purpose of peace painting with my heart and soul, knowing I am merely a vehicle for Love expressions, from the creator of us all.

Media include but not limited to; Acrylic paint, latex paint, paper, copper, canvas, ink, oil sticks, graphite, bark, branches, textiles, thread, ceramic tiles, wood, red beans, and found objects.


Makeba Kedem-DuBose is an expressionist artist whose life experience colors her work. She is a widely recognized Chicago based visual artist. A curator, and art’s educator whose career spans over 20 years, Makeba is experienced in various art disciplines including but not limited to painting, mixed media, assemblage, installation, photography, and printmaking. She is a published artist with an extensive exhibition history including both national and international venues.

Makeba became a Certified Youth Worker through an Advancing Youth Development Program in 2007. From 2006 to 2009, she served as the Art Program Director, and Lead Art Instructor at a Chicago based youth social services agency, and from 2005-2006 she was an artist in residence at Erie Elementary Charter School directing programming for the after school arts program, which she also founded. She was Lead Visual Arts Instructor for Youth at Chicago’s Boulevard Art Center from 2003-2004, and has worked through and with local Chicago area schools including Makeba is committed to working with children who with all the budget cuts in arts funding would otherwise have no access to an early art’s education. She is the mother of two girls who are 10 years apart in age, a living dichotomy that anchors the artist in simultaneously active realities, and inspires on multi-generational levels.

Gallery affiliations include: Gallery Guichard, Chicago, IL; Orleans Street Gallery, St. Charles, IL; Ferguson Art Gallery at Concordia University, River Forest, IL; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL; Nicole Gallery, Chicago, IL; Harrington College of Design Gallery, Chicago, IL; The Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago IL; African American Cultural Center Gallery at U.I.C, Chicago, IL; ArtJaz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Southside Community Art Center Gallery, Chicago, IL; Cubamba International, Toulouse, France.

Makeba is included in many private collections, including that of Daniel Texidor Parker, author of African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond for which her art was selected to be featured on the cover design; Fashion Designer Barbara Bates; Tara Betts, poet and author of Arc and Hue for which her art was selected for the cover design; Patric McCoy, Environmental Scientist, and President and Co-Founder of Diasporal Rhythms (Collectors of Contemporary Works by Artist of African Descent); Nicole Smith, of Nicole Gallery; and Dr. Carol Adams, CEO of the DuSable Museum of African American History.

-Makeba Kedem-DuBose

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