Mara Goldfine


Like most foundry rats I am obsessed with complex fabrication, casting, and sculpting with metal and silicone. Creating tools to increase versatility, I imagine what the body would look like with unlimited flexibility, many limbs, unfolding into new and useful shapes, like a good Swiss-army knife. My wearable sculptures explore limitations that thwart their apparent benefits. Silk linings, with in the rigid metal sculpture, offer a small concession to comfort. The sculptures visibly demonstrate their own wearability and the function they are designed to accomplish, but are so strange and heavy that they serve no purpose.
Recently, my work has become much more performative, in a static kinetic manner, interactive rather than wearable. I have been moving towards installations combining cast metal sculpture, simple machines, and atmospheric conditioning such as lights and the burning of incense. I am interested in pursuing the notion of creation with in these installations. These pieces have a self-sustaining agency with in themselves, denying the hand of the artist as creator, while simultaneously affirming it by the clear hand of the artist with in the work.

-Mara Goldfine

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