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Driftwood Inspired Sofa Table

Our family does a lot of traveling, hiking, biking, kayaking, beaching (is beaching a word?) and the like. So a few years back we were walking this beach and I found this really cool piece of driftwood. It was kind of like a bar of soap, it was oval-ish, it was smooth, but had a texture to it. I walked around the rest of the hike with it in my hand and when I got back to the car I tossed it into the car door pocket where I toss my cool finds.

Now I didn’t really think about it for a couple years, saw it from time to time when I was cleaning out the car door pockets (annually to bi-annually). Fast forward and I’m in The Hardwood Connection in Sycamore, IL and there it is, the big daddy of my driftwood, a large slab size piece of White Ash. Well of course, put it in the truck, don’t even bother wrapping it. Ash was perfect because as you sand it the dark part of the grain seems to be softer than the rest and so the sanding created the smooth yet ‘driftwood’ texture surface.

Well I get home and go to get my driftwood from the door pocket and its gone. Now I know I would not have gotten rid of it, so where is it. I look, sleep a few nights, I look some more, can’t find it…

So from memory I start working the Ash slab trying to remember everything about the driftwood piece from the day I found it. I decided I wanted to make a floating top table and wanted to use a contrasting/complementary wood variety for the base. I sketched up an idea and decided to try a wood I had not used before for the base (Jatoba (some call it Brazilian Cherry)). Jatoba has a very rich tone and contrasts the Ash top perfectly.

And as it turns out I found the inspiration driftwood piece half way thru the project.

This table is currently for sale.

-Mark Kozlowski

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