Nicole Cherry


My work explores the way light, color, and medium crawl across surfaces. Although my work uses both figurative and abstract methods, the source material is always rooted in life. Topology is revealed through the application of paint, ink, plaster, wood, among other materials. Underlying colors of the subject matter are accentuated and saturated. The assembled form has a heightened vibrancy, motion, and shape compared to its source material. Much of my work also acts as a vehicle of social meaning. Most recently, I have explored issues of sexuality and gender. Through my treatment of materials and the occasional use of figuration and language, these works entice the viewer to use the object as a method of interpreting questions of gender and sexuality—or whatever the social matter may be—without giving the him/her a definitive answer. By these methods, my work aims to heighten the viewer’s awareness of his/her own form and to develop a rich relationship between the art object and the viewer.

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-Nicole Cherry

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