Olivia Brus


A 24 year old hopeful designer with the wide world ahead of me, I am a graduate of the American Academy of Art with a BFA in Graphic Design. Born and raised in Chicago, this city is in my blood and is a big part of my life, which is a huge reason why I decided to study art in the very heart of it. I have always had a great passion for design and as such, I am constantly exploring new methods to work with design, such as printmaking, typography, digital manipulation, and even sculpture to give life to my work. I enjoy creating things that feel simple but elegant, using light and dark or color to create striking contrasts that are interesting as well as beautiful. Also import to me is integrating a vast array of subjects to try to translate them into graphic works that become more of the essence of themselves, the purest form, which I believe is so powerful about graphic design as a whole. It is a way of expressing the true nature of a subject, even the most complicated ones, when they are boiled down to their basic elements such as type, color, and simple shape. It takes a great master of their craft to create really remarkable design and I have a long way to go before my craft is perfected, but I am enjoying the adventure and the long, winding, picturesque road that lays before me.

-Olivia Brus

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