Pete Adam Bialecki


Everything has melody. Within these melodies lie certain harmonies, movements, rhythms, and tones. What is even more important is space between these elements. This is where rests exist. This empty space holds the emotion and inspiration that fuels it all. As an individual in the world, a single note in a composition, my work represents this empty space both theoretically yet at the same time, constructing it subconsciously on the fly like an improvisation. How I perform reflects my interest in gaining a better understanding of my deepest inner thoughts, fears, and insecurities.

I explore rhythm modularly, tone colorfully, and tempo accidentally. It is work that is contemplative and well planned out. On the other hand, the moment the first note is about to be hit, all ideas and preconceived notions are thrown out the window and expressive interaction takes the front seat. It is this moment that dictates what is seen and what is heard. It is this that creates the melody. This melody sums it all up.

-Pete Adam Bialecki

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