Piotr Wolodkowicz


My paintings start with a color idea and then I develop the composition in
which the color is the primary subject. I am a colorist. My art reflects my
experiences and feelings. Balance, vibrancy and simplicity are my primary
goals which I try to achieve through landscape and plain air paintings. My
work romanticizes places that might not seem noteworthy but are beautiful
in those short moments when they exist. My goal is for my work to inspire
optimism and to paint good living pictures.

I was born in communist Poland and now I live in Chicago ill. My art
education started in Poland where I was taking lessons as a child in state
sponsored after school program. It continued in United States through high
school, Wright College, Oakton College and School of Art Institute in
Chicago. I have been in numerous shows and I have been involved in
curatorial projects especially in alternative spaces. In the nineteen
nighties my works have been based on socio political themes mainly speaking
about corporate culture. For the past 10 years I have been interested
mainly in color and how it influences the human perception. The latest
interest is in how a color scheme influences the canvas and the space
adjacent to the artwork.


*Polish Art’s Club 77th Annual Exhibit 1st Place Award 2013*
*Elk Grove Village Art Center 2012 Award of Excellence
Artmaijeur 2012 Silver Award
Artmaijeur 2009 Silver Award
Paderewski Association 2007 Award

-Piotr Wolodkowicz

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