Roberto Martinez


For me, less is more. Much of my work tends to have a sense of simplicity, but I like to leave enough out allowing for a more broad and open spectrum of perspective. My photography has a focus on textures, age, symmetry and high contrast values. My school’s darkroom was my most important asset, but I learned a lot outside the photo room as well. I have searched many mediums and equipment inside and out for new ideas over the past few years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not always about the camera but the photographer’s knowledge and ideas behind the camera. Alone, my photos represent my origins and challenges.

-Roberto Martinez

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  1. Lydia Wilder on said:

    It is absolutely about the photographer’s eye!! The camera is the vehicle by which we take photos, but our vision creates what others see. After all, a good stove is helpful, but it is the chef who creates the meal.

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