Sue Thomson


Sue Thomson

“Observing the ordinary and finding something extraordinary within them!”

Sue’s passion for photography not only embraces nature and the world around her, but she also loves to take her own original photos to create her Collide-a-Scope Art Pieces! She imports her photos into her iPad where she begins to layout the bones for each art piece. She then uses a series of layering processes which bring these intriguing and even magical Collide-a-Scopes to life! In addition, Sue writes poetry to compliment many of her pieces.

By Sue Thomson

My imagination runs wild
as pictures swirl around in my head.
Images multiply!
Colors explode!
Pathways emerge!
Shapes collide!
Amazing designs
from ordinary scenes
pulling me in deeper
to new dimensions
Being stretched
to look at things
from a different perspective
…It’s a lot like life!

-Sue Thomson

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