Tim Vitek


Tim Vitek – Artist Statement

My work is the creation of segmented color fields and spectrums that interact within a grid

The Interaction of Color, by Joseph Albers, has brought me to investigate a physics law called
the Weber-Fechner Law. This law deals with our psychological perception of true progression.
As acknowledged in Albers’ book, the psychological effect of true gradation between colors is
achieved by calculating a geometric algorithm and applying that algorithm to the paint mixing process. However, I have an issue with the fact that this algorithm is infinite. When mixing two colors with this algorithm, one of the colors will always be present. I wanted to develop a completely segmented spectrum of color.

For many years, I have also produced techno music. When producing techno music, the sound
layers are formed into segments of time; usually four, eight or sixteen measures of time. I wanted to apply this same concept of music composition to my paintings, taking two hues and mixing them into a four or eight part segment.

After further research I found that by incorporating an additive and subtractive method within the algorithm of the original Weber-Fechner Law, I was able to create a completely segmented
spectrum of color. The segments begin with one pure hue and end with a second pure hue.
Placing random color spectrums composed with this algorithm side by side not only combines
mathematics with intuition, but develops relationships that make tangible these interior
movements of color. The variations of color develop into patterns themselves and perform a
visual rhythm within a grid system.

-Tim Vitek

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